This is our story: #ceonetwork

The CEO Network is a group of students of color who are pursuing business and professional success. These unique students find us on their paths through the Lundquist College of Business as majors and minors. Students find value in some or all four ways to be involved:

1. We teach a leadership seminar series called Building Business Leaders. It has two different parts offered in a fall/winter sequence or a winter/spring sequence that develop personal brands, educational direction and professional development. Teamwork, peer support and leadership development are the greatest rewards to be gained from joining us on this path.

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2. We have a residential living community in The College of Business Residential Complex (Earl Hall). It is where business minority students live together alongside other business students in one of the nicer of halls in the heart of campus. Since everyone is taking similar classes it makes it easier to stay focused on school work and keeps your education your main priority. The social network and encouragement through tough curriculum of a business student’s first year are the greatest rewards from joining us on this path.

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3. We cohort business curriculum. When students chose to enroll in the same sections  of their classes (aka cohort) they can work with each other outside of class in the first floor suite of Lillis. Instant study groups and guidance of upperclassmen who host review sessions are the greatest benefits of joining us on this path.

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4. We host diversity themed professional events. These events feature training on the soft skills of professionalism and showcase minority business leaders as role models for our students. Developing a professional network to utilize for internship and career placement and gaining the confidence to go out into the business world are the main rewards of joining us on this path.

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Our story is your story. What is your dream? What will your education help you accomplish? Working on a group project? Struggling with Calculus and need help?Are you new to the network?

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Drop into Lillis 145- we’d love to meet you!

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