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One purpose of the CEO Network is to encourage students to work together in their classes so that they better odds of earning the grades they need to get into the professional schools of their majors.

To do this, Network students will choose to take pre-business curriculum classes together. We call this “cohorting” or making a “cohort” of one group of students progressing through classes together.

There are many advantages of planning your schedule in a cohort:

  • you always have  familiar faces in the class (1st and second year classes at UO are typically 300- 500 people large)
  • you can compare notes before or after class with your peers
  • you can get homework or study guides when you are absent
  • you can work together prior to mid-term and final exams
  • you can form study groups

Cohort Classes: Students taking pre-business classes have followed these paths together:

Fall: BA101, Winter: EC 201, Spring: EC202

ACT 211, ACT 213,BA 240

Math 241, Math 242, Math 243

Academic Coaches: Academic coaches consist of upperclassmen students who have a strong understanding of concepts and material found in the pre-business curriculum. Not only do these coaches assist students with their course material, they also teach students effective study habits that prepare them for success. These academic teams meet multiple times a week with frequency depending on quizzes and midterms.


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