The CEO Network Academic Residential Program

Living in the dorms as a first year business students has allowed me to have a support base during my college transition in both my social and academic life at the UofO
-Brandon Jackson, Generation 3 Protége

View from Brandon’s room in CEO Network Academic Living Community

By opting to live in the CEO Network residential community, students are choosing to surround themselves with a multicultural and highly driven group of peers.

Students considering pre-business as a major will share similar first year courses and are expected to work together outside of class time on their academic demands. Taking two terms Building Business Leaders Seminar offered by the Lundquist College of Business is expected as well during winter and spring terms.

The residential program saves 30 beds for this unique close-knit group within the College of Business Residential Community. All students, despite their intended major, are encouraged to participate in professional development and leadership activities. To indicate interest in the CEO Network residential program follow this link to UO Housing applications:

You can continue to meet our leaders here, or, to see the opportunities CEO Network offers their students during their time at University of Oregon; explore with us here.

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