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About: Our mentor program is a part of the C.E.O. Network that is constantly growing. The program has experienced various changes since it first started in Fall 2010. Through hard work and dedication, the Leadership Team and Tayah Butler are creating an environment for the Mentor-Protégé program in which relationships are strengthened and maintained.

The Mentor-Protégé program is one in which an upperclassmen already admitted into the Lundquist College of Business volunteers to become a Mentor to one of the current cohort students (in either the Freshmen or Sophomore class). As a Mentor you volunteer to be available to your protégé and willing to guide and help them along their path in becoming a Business major. The program has created goals for the Mentors to meet any given week as they build on their relationship with their protégé (i.e. taking your protege to an upper division class, making sure they set an appointment with an adviser, etc.). The pairing of Mentor to protégé is done through careful selection after gauging interest surveys from both parties. The Mentor program is a fun way to be more involved in the UO Business community.

Time Commitment/Requirements: Currently, mentors are required to meet once every other Thursday to go over any upcoming events, reflect on their progress with their protégés, and cross off completed goals from their Mentor-Protégé check list. Outside of the meeting, mentors are only required to spend an hour of time with their protégés a week. However, they can dedicate as much time as they want to the Mentor program and will be recognized for doing so.

Apply: If you are interested in becoming a Mentor for one of the cohort students next year, please apply here:

Be a role model (Dedicated participants only).

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