Generation 3 Leaders

Building Business Leaders 2013 Roster:

Students not available for pictures:

Andrew Caraballo

Artem Zinin

Chayla Cummings-Ricks

Chris Navarro

Christi Flores

Diana Cervantes Martinez

Desmond Harvey

Emily Lai

Evelin Perez

Izzy Cardenas

Jaima Halliburton

James Griffin

Jeet Shah

Lisa Chong

Michelle Moreno

Miriam Escamilla

Mitchell Lee

Ricky Garcia

Shelby Long

Tiffani Carter

Viviana Calvillo

One Comment

  1. Miriam Escamilla is the best! She’s so smart! I had the pleasure of having a class and working with her on projects at the University of Oregon and I can definitely say that she is a hard worker.

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