Meet the Leaders

The CEO Network project was launched in 2011 with its very first students starting as freshman. We call each class of students who enroll in Building Business Leaders  a “generation” and they are considered “proteges” until they complete all four modules of the seminars- then we ask them to give back to the program and can officially call them “Leaders.”

(Video from Generation 1 Leaders)

Each “generation” continues to mold and shape the experience for the next generation. We have seen many Leaders continue in their leadership development in the following ways:

-mentoring a first year “protege”

-hosting study groups for first and second year students

-living in the residential hall as Residential Assistants

-organizing the official CEO Network events

-being a “brand” representative of a company who wants to hire more diverse employees

-serving on the executive membership committee of a campus club and co-sponsoring events and activities for first and second year CEO Network students

Follow the links below to meet past generations:

1st Generation- 2011 Cohort

2nd Generation- 2012 Cohort

3rd Generation- 2013 Cohort

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